We are looking for franchisees
for new restaurants

We are a Czech family company with more than 32 years of tradition and a strong production background. We consider a balanced franchise model to be the basis for the development of the BB brand.

Our priority is the prosperity of our franchisees, and we achieve this by establishing a successful franchise formula that strengthens both the franchisees and the BB brand. 


Bageterie Boulevard


We guard your investments as our own.

Bageterie Boulevard


Our purchase prices are transparent. In addition, we motivate franchisees to continuously improve them together.

Bageterie Boulevard

Sharing of profit and loss

*If the franchisee does not earn, they do not pay fees.

*Subject to fulfillment of the terms of the franchise agreement.

Bageterie boulevard
We are express gourmet

Bageterie Boulevard

In today's fast-paced world, we offer an exceptional taste experience that you won't wait long to enjoy, literally.  

We are “exprès gourmet”. A concept of modern restaurants with a stylish atmosphere that spoil the customer with gourmet specialties created according to chefs' recipes. We prepare them with fresh regional ingredients, in fresh crispy baguettes and other variants of soft pastries. 

Bageterie Boulevard

In addition to our renowned freshly filled baguettes, the Bageterie Boulevard brand

is associated with golden-baked patatas, thick creamy soups, homemade ice tea, yoghurt, fresh juice or a rich breakfast menu. 

Bageterie Boulevard

We regularly rotate our seasonal Chef's Menu, which is always inspired by the cuisine of a selected European or world region.

So you can try new specialties every season, including those from the Balanced Calories line if you're watching your slim line. 

Try one of ours  Bageterie Boulevard's restaurants for carefully and quickly served gourmet delicacies with a touch of French style.